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Music is magic and it doesn't need any introduction. The tempo, loudness, style of the music you play can help communicate your brand's personality to customers, even before they enter your door. Music is such an effective cue to a brand's image that it's often enough to hear notes streaming out of a store to realize the brand's and products' personality.

Music Licence:

For playing music in any retails outlet, shopping mall, Hotel, restaurant, gym, salon, bars or any other business entity, it is mandatory to obtain a valid music license from the respective copyright owner for playing that music. An entity needs to pay the requisite license fee to play specific music for business purpose. This license fee is a music royalty fees collected by authorized agency and then it is paid to its original creator for his effort and talent.  

Why Licence Required In India:

As per Indian Copyright Act 1957 and its various Acts and Provisions its Mandatory for each and every user of music to obtain a valid license from copyright owners. so that respective music creator can get paid royalty for its creation. Playing Music without a valid copyright license is a law offence and huge fine and penalties possible on copyright violation. we strongly recommend retails and business entity to obtain a valid music license from owner of the copyright for its commercial use.

Challenges In Copyright Licence

In today’s scenario in Indian Market there are multiple copyright agencies present and every agency is having its own music content and every agency has right to check your license. If your store is running non licensed music, it can attract legal penalties and lot of trouble to your business owners. But keeping control of music content/license is tough task. In-store employees are not aware about legalities of music and tend to play music of their choice without having license. These thing gives an opportunity to multiple copyright agency to force you to buy their costly licenses. so you end-up buying 3-4 music license annually. After paying so much you are just getting permission to run music but management of music is still on your head like getting music in pen drive, CD or direct internet streaming. If you have many outlets and you want to create same music experience, freshness, logs of music all over India, its near to impossible.

SOUNDBOX Music Licence: (We can reduce your ongoing music cost up to 50%)

We deliver music content from our Offline and Online Radio Platform. Our In-store Radio service has licensed or controlled music which you can avail and its tension free service and no problem from Indian Copyright agencies. We have made agreements with some big music labels from abroad and they are not part of any copyright agency in India or abroad. On their behalf, we will provide you License for each store, Mall, Bar etc.

Soundbox is not a Licensing company/agency. We are an In-store Radio Company to build your Own Brand Radio for your own company or Brand. This is the best way to play background music effectively and save lot of licensing and management cost.

We provide single solution for background music/multi-language announcement, promotional activities and complete music management.

Complete Music operations are managed by our Soundbox radio platform which is developed utilizing latest technology and specialized resources. Our services are clubbed with centralize dashboard and world class music player, Music Manager, Technical staff, Voice over artist, festive offer plans, 24*7 support for your Retail Chain, Store, Mall, Restaurants, hotel, Gym, Saloon, Hospital, Offices, showrooms etc.

Soundbox Network Private Limited is the best In-store Radio Company for your Brand’s Customized/Personalized Music Need. “Make your own Brand Name Radio” – Create a High Impact on your Customers


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